Sunday School

At St. John’s, your kids are our priority. We know how challenging it can be to raise healthy, holy kids in today’s world. You want the best for your kids and we do, too. Providing your children with a Christian Education is the greatest gift you can give them to ensure long term success and joy in life.
Our ministry to children begins with their Sunday morning experience. St. John’s welcomes your kids into all of our worship services! When they wiggle, squirm or squeal, we smile at the great blessing of young people being in worship with us. Truly, having kids on our campus is a blessing from God.
Our children’s Sunday school program is designed to provide kids with a creative and exciting learning environment where they are excited to learn about God! Classes are led by dynamic volunteers who work with the Children’s Director to provide kids with a world class Christian education in a Godly and safe environment.
Throughout the year, special events and opportunities for learning and fun are planned for your children – and for you!